1. Create a free account.
    1. Enter a valid email address
    2. Create a password
    3. Click “Register”
    4. Create your home care agency or hospice profile

TIP: Fill out all profile fields, not just the required fields marked by an asterisk. The more complete your profile, the more customized our vendor suggestions will be.
TIP: When you register your new account, you will be taken to the Profile form automatically. Return to the profile form at any time by clicking the “Profile” tab.

  1. Click “Submit” to save your profile and go to the technology categories.
  1. Start Shopping

Finding technology companies with products matching your specified needs is easy.

  1. Select a category (EHR, telehealth, telephony, etc.)
  2. Check as many product feature/function boxes as you like
  3. View results at the right
  4. Click on vendor names to study company and product details

(Note: not all participating vendors have provided product detail.)

  1. Click “Generate Vendor Comparison Report” at page bottom
  2. Page through comparison report
  3. Print comparison report
  4. Contact Your Chosen Vendors
    1. Click “Preview Your RFP to Vendors on this List”
    2. The email that appears is ready to go to selected vendors. It will include your profile, which includes your contact information, and your feature/function choices.
    3. Check the box to approve the RFP
    4. Click “Select Vendors to Receive This RFP”
    5. You may remove any vendor(s) before clicking “Send RFPs Now”
  5. Get ready to answer the phone